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Escape House

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Decipher the Room


Assemble a group of your wittiest friends, family and/or colleagues.  Each room is designed to hold 2-8 players

Your group will have 1 hour to complete the objective. Don't worry if you get stuck, you can ask for hints that will help along the way.

Work fast and collectively as a team to find clues, decipher all the puzzles and unveil the mysteries. Remember, observation and communication are key to your escape.

The objective is simple, try to complete the solve the room within the allotted time limit to win! Put your team against other teams and beat the record time.


Flood The City


Players: 2-8

Difficulty: 9/10

$28/ person 

*Race in our 2 Identical Rooms

The Detective's Office


Players 2-8

Difficulty 8/10

$28/ person 

Nana's Condo

Players 2-8

Difficulty 7/10

$28/ person 

*Race in our 2 Identical Rooms

Escape House Kansas City is a Live gaming experience, unlike anything you've experienced before.  Set a themed room, players must solve a series of puzzles and riddles to complete the objective.  Using only your wits and elements of the rooms, your group will navigate through an adventure you will not soon forget.  Escape House is setting a new standard for Escape Rooms.


With 60 minutes and only 3 clues, do you have what it takes?


Family Night - Date Night - Couples Night - Birthdays - Corporate Events - Team Building

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Who Enjoys Escape Rooms?

Friends & Families
Tourists & Travelers
Geeks & Gamers

Escape from ordinary entertainment! Join us for a memorable night unlike anything else in Mesa. All of our rooms are family-friendly and appropriate for groups of all ages.

Escape House is a bucket-list kind of experience, as our unique games make every person feel like Jason Bourne for 60 minutes! Plus, we now have 3 rooms for you to become a hero. 

Use the same skills that you’ve learned from years of gaming to crack codes and breakout of our live-action games. You won’t be happy with simply breaking out; you’ll want the room record!

Team Building

Enhance group communication and foster teamwork in our escape games while learning to work collaboratively in an action packed pursuit of shared achievement. Escape House Mesa is a proven form of corporate team building entertainment. Now this fun team building activity is available to companies in Mesa.

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Escape House Kansas City

HyVee Arena
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